What we do

Reliable Facility Operations Management

Progress Solutions operates all Horizon wastewater disposal facilities – providing comfort, reliability and trust.

State-Of-Art Facilities and Equipment

Power Service provides Horizon with the same state-of-the-art, fully automated wastewater disposal equipment that is provides to most of the top tier E&P Producers.

Capital Expenditure and Ownership of Facilities

Horizon owns and operates wastewater disposal facilities for its customers, who avoid capital expenditure, liability exposure, and day-to-day facility management.

E&P Customer Chosen Wastewater Facility Locations

Horizon customers choose the location for the development of wastewater disposal facilities that best serve customer wastewater needs.

Water Transportation Logistics Services

Horizon, through its partnership with Progress Solutions, will arrange for wastewater logistics and transportation from the customer’s well-head to Horizon’s wastewater disposal facilities.

Gathering Systems – CAPEX and Development

Horizon will provide the capital resources and our strategic partners provide the expertise to design, develop, operate and manage customer required gathering systems.