Who we serve

E & P Producers

We provide our E&P customers with state-of-the art wastewater facilities to ensure the  highest levels of safety, reliability, convenience, speed of service and trust.  We  seek to acquire wastewater disposal facilities from E&P Companies that would prefer to focus on their core exploration and production activities, while ensuring our customers wastewater needs are met on a continuing basis.

Trucking Companies

We serve trucking companies in need of cost effective, efficient, state-or-the art, fully automated wastewater disposal facilities. Horizon facilities provide the fastest wastewater unload time possible. Each of the Horizon facilities maintains warming trailers, fresh hot drinks and full hot meals.

SWD Owners

We give Bakken SWD owners an opportunity to sell their facilities to Horizon. Call us to discuss how we will provide you with a liquidity event on the sale of your SWD facility.